Divine Refuge provide our customers with high-quality Automotive tools, mechanic tools, and OEM services & Solution for the industry. Our range of products on tools are bearing puller, automotive puller, wheel bearing removal tool, brake caliper tool, oil filter, wrench, tool-sets, engine pressure tester, Nut Splitter, and Truck service tools. We offer the Excellent quality tools, original package design, Customized New Tools according to customers preferences.

Bearing Puller also named: bearing removal tool, bearing extractor. are multipurpose tools used for removing or unmounting bearings, gears, pulleys, propellers and couplings from shafts. It provides a safe multi-point grip to the part being pulled, in order to equalize the forces, and a screw or hydraulic jack center, with the aim to ensure the pulling force.

Divine Refuge pullers family includes jaw pullers,bearing separator, gear puller, internal bearing puller, blind bearing puller, ball bearing puller and harmonic balance puller set, hydraulic pullers,special pullers for damaged screws and stud bolts.


Our truck tools are designed to help you perform routine maintenance and repair tasks with ease.

We supply reliable Tool manufacturing vendor for Iveco Truck,MAN Truck,Benz Truck,ISUZU, Toyota and mining Dump Trucks


Our Hydraulic nut splitters connect to a hydraulic pump to break apart corroded or frozen nuts to free the bolt. The hydraulic nut splitter is placed around the nut and a blade is pushed through the nut to cut it free from the bolt. The hydraulic nut splitter are used to break nuts in a variety of applications including pipe flanges, machinery, and structures. 

Our hydraulic nut splitters applied with high strength alloy steel materials, especially the blade, which makes the nut splitter with high durability and life-time. The our hydraulic nut splitter is tested to cut 8000 pcs of nuts continuosly without damaging the blade.